About the Save the Earth Auction

The profits from this auction directly benefit the Save the Earth Foundation. By participating in our online auction, you will not just be bidding for a piece of Rock and Roll and Sports history, you will also be raising money to support the Save the Earth Foundation’s mission. Won’t you help us make a difference in our world?

The Save the Earth Foundation (http://www.savetheearth.org) functions as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the expansion of environmental awareness in our society. Save the Earth solves major environmental problems by providing grants to college and university professors, and funds environmental research and educational programs which train students to solve environmental problems in air pollution, ozone damage, global warming, deforestation, ground water contamination, ocean pollution and wildlife extinction to name a few. Research grants from the Save the Earth Foundation will help slow – and ultimately reverse – our planet’s deterioration.

The Save the Earth Foundation embraces overall objectives including enhancing the quality of our global environment for the benefit of all people and promoting a better understanding of the effect that our society has on the long term health of our planet.

As an organization committed to raising public environmental consciousness by supporting scientific research and educational programs, we are optimistic that our work will have a very positive impact on the efforts currently under way to solve our earth’s problems.

The objectives of the Save the Earth Foundation include:

  • To fund environmental research projects
  • To provide factual and educational information to the public about issues relating to the environment
  • To raise the level of environmental consciousness

With the support of people from all walks of life we are confident that the Foundation’s efforts will help to reverse the environmental deterioration of our planet. Thank you for your concern with regards to our planet’s future.

To learn more about the Save the Earth Foundation, visit us at http://www.savetheearth.org/.